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Physical Activity

We know physical activity is good for our bodies, bones, and muscles—but it also has important mental health benefits! A little movement every day can go a long way. Regular physical activity routines boost brain health, reduce anxiety, help you sleep better, and improve mental health. Take a look at our featured tools, tips, and programs that can help you move more!

Exercise does not have to be a chore! Anything that gets your heart pumping counts. Use the filters below to find inspiration, tips, and ideas on how to get moving!

Groups of people riding sleds in a row in the snow
move your way playbook cover
mom and baby
let's ride!
Walk Walk Walk text graphic
Mother and daughter wearing workout clothes dance in a park
Physical activity benefits for adults
Move Your Way Physical Activity Guidelines
girl with headphones drinking from bottle of water
Fuel Up to Play 60
couple sitting and drinking water outside
woman walking dog
Walking Toolkit Cover
physical activity phone survey cover
Walking Call to Action Web Button
adult biking in the fall
Cover of 2014 2014 State Indicator Report on Physical Activity
family playing basketball
Get Movin'! infographic
woman hiking with friend on a trail
woman and group of people nordic walking
women doing pilates
kids exercising in pe class
Fitness Passport Challenge cover
two girls using a smartphone and a tablet
mother and daughters baking
man exercising with stability ball
older couple taking a walk
seniors doing yoga
woman making heart with fingers over her heart
man warming hands outside
boys playing baseball
prescription for exercise
woman taking heart rate