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Fruit & Veggie of the Month

Americans aren’t eating enough fruit and vegetables… but the good news is that it’s easier than you think to get 5 servings every day!

Adding more fruit and vegetables to every meal can have significant health benefits. The Fruit and Vegetable of the Month program was created to inspire South Dakotans to incorporate a new fruit or vegetable into meal or snacking plans every month.

Each Fruit and Vegetable of the Month article features fun facts, nutritional information, tips on how to prepare, ideas to get kids and family members excited about eating them, and easy, healthy recipes you can try. Find more ways to have fun with fruits and vegetables below!

Harvest of the Month: Celery
Fruit of the Month Chokecherrys
veggie of the month - broccoli
Veggie of the Month: Spinach
Veggie of the Month: Spinach
veggie of the month - tomatoes
veggie of the month - rhubarb
March Veggie of the Month: Brussels Sprouts