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Walk Walk Walk

South Dakota—it’s time to walk! Walking is one of the easiest ways to increase physical activity levels. The Surgeon General wants walking to become a national priority and we are following in those footsteps by encouraging everyone to walk: walk more, walk often, walk with friends, walk about 20 minutes, walk at work, walk with your kids or grandkids, walk a cat or a dog… just walk! Why walk for 20 minutes?

Walking is the single most recommended form of exercise and we know that when you walk with someone you are more likely to form a new habit. And, because there are so many ways to walk—fast or slow, up a hill, down a sidewalk, on a path, at the mall, in the hall, or off on a trail—and so many levels of intensity, it’s easy to tailor a walking habit that fits your personal physical activity goals.


The Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans

recommends that adults get at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic physical activity per week, and children get at least 60 minutes per day.

Now–that might seem like a big number, but when you break it down–it’s just slightly more than 20 minutes per day. You can do 20 minutes–right?

Let’s get moving South Dakota! Grab a friend, a co-worker, a kid, a cat… and let’s move the needle: only one half of adults nationwide meet the Physical Activity Guidelines–we can do better.


More places to walk!

South Dakota is full of best kept secrets and tons of fun place to explore.
Check out these links for a few ideas on how & where to be more active:

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