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Parenting Resources

For parents, families, and caregivers, being able to find information and answers to questions quickly is important. Knowing where to look for ways to develop healthier routines and habits can reduce stress and can even be fun! Embracing support from people and organizations when we are feeling overwhelmed or need an extra hand can make all the difference.



South Dakota Women, Infants & Children Program (SD WIC)

The program promotes the health and wellbeing of low-income women, infants and young children by providing education on making nutritious choices, building positive eating habits and improving health. Learn more




For Baby’s Sake

Parents and caregivers will find helpful information on preconception health and planning, the early signs of pregnancy, prenatal care, safe sleep practices, and immunization. Learn more

Bright Start Program

Bright Start’s free personal nurse program helps first-time moms focus on their health during pregnancy, so they have healthier babies. Learn more

Smiles SD Oral Health

Good oral health is essential to general health. We’re here to help increase awareness of the importance of oral health and preventive care and improve access to dental care. Learn more



Harvest of the Month

This downloadable educational program helps parents, educators, and caregivers get kids excited about eating more fruits and vegetables and makes learning easy, tasty, and fun! Learn more



Cor Health & Wellbeing

We provide health and wellness support to teens, young adults, and parents. You’ll find evidence-based information related to mental and physical health and tips that promote overall wellbeing. Learn more



Be the 1 SD: Suicide Prevention

If you think someone you love may be in crisis or is considering suicide there are ways you can help. If you need immediate help, please call of text 988. Be the one to show you care. Learn more



SD Department of Social Services Child Care Services

Providing assistance to low income families who need help with childcare costs while parents work or attend school. We provide technical assistance and support in promoting safe, healthy, and caring environments for children. Learn more


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