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People working out on row machines

Rowing Exercise

Rowing is an efficient and effective low-impact exercise that utilizes the arms, abdomen, back and legs to provide a total body workout. This activity offers the opportunity for a wide range of training, from fat burning and aerobic conditioning to high-intensity anaerobic. The rowing stroke is a smooth, continuous movement. If you have a history of low back pain, special attention must be given to developing proper rowing technique to prevent injury. If you are interested in rowing as a form of exercise:

  • Use a machine that is in good working order
  • Use the proper rowing technique
  • Avoid twisting or excessively stretching the cord
  • Always warm up before your workout and increase the length and intensity of training gradually over weeks and months
  • Never start rowing with maximal effort in a single stroke

Download and read the ASCM’s flyer for more about rowing and rowing machines.

Source: American College of Sports Medicine; Brochures