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South Dakota State Walking Network Supports Walkable Communities

Activity-friendly routes to everyday destinations should be a priority for every community!  

An activity-friendly route means you can safely walk or bike anywhere you need to go—the grocery store, the park, or to work.  Any age, any ability, anyone—because walking is good for your physical and mental health.

South Dakota is becoming more walkable, thanks to many communities and partners across the state making strides to create livable, connected, and enjoyable places to walk, roll and stroll. 

How To Make Your Community More Walkable

Get involved with the South Dakota State Walking Network! In 2018, the Walking Network was created to help connect communities with the resources to design and support more walkable cities and towns. This project is supported by the national organization America Walks and a partnership of state agencies that include:

  • South Dakota Department of Health
  • South Dakota Department of Transportation
  • AARP South Dakota
  • SDSU Extension

Reach out to the State Walking Network for technical assistance, connection to resources, or just to talk through your ideas.  The network is well informed of the steps needed to start the process and can point you in the right direction! Advocacy is always the first step when generating support.  Planning smaller, quick-win projects that can be easily implemented to show what is possible longer-term helps build excitement. 

Questions? Submit a contact us form.

SD State of Walking & Walkability Fact Sheet PDFSouth Dakota State of Walking & Walkability Fact Sheet

The South Dakota Walking Network has been collaborating and aligning efforts to become an informational hub for communities seeking resources on becoming more walkable.

Learn more about a few South Dakota community successes, and other resources to support and advocate for walkability where you live: South Dakota State of Walking & Walkability Fact Sheet [PDF]


Walkability Studies

Led by the South Dakota Department of Health, the South Dakota Walkable Communities Technical Assistance Program was launched in 2012. Since then, over 20 communities have engaged residents and launched advocacy efforts to build more walkable areas. These communities continue to make progress toward short- and long-term goals.  

Programmatic evaluation studies were conducted in 2017 and 2022 to assess progress, gather lessons learned, and identify areas for overall program improvement. 

Data enthusiasts, city planners, and community improvement advocates are encouraged to use these reports to find inspiration and guide efforts in their communities.

Advocacy Tools for Your Community

Below are a few key resources that you can use in your advocacy efforts:

Social Media

Physical Activity Programs

Coalition Network

Funding Opportunities

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