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Spiritual Wellness

How to improve spiritual wellness

Spiritual wellness represents your personal beliefs and values and involves having meaning, purpose, and a sense of balance and peace. It includes:

  • Recognizing our search for meaning and purpose in human existence; and
  • Developing an appreciation for life and the natural forces that exist in the universe.

Following are some questions you can ask yourself and strategies that can help you improve your spiritual wellness. As you think about the questions and strategies, make a list of the things you will do and the things you may need to help achieve wellness in this area.

Questions Related to Beliefs

  • Are you taking the time to determine what values, principles, and beliefs are important to you? Have you considered talking about them with others?
  • Have you learned about other religions and beliefs, and are you respectful of them?
  • Are you using your spirituality to drive your actions and thoughts and give a better meaning to life?

Strategies Related to Beliefs

  • Read about other types of beliefs to help you become more understanding, accepting, and open-minded.
  • Keep your beliefs in your thoughts to use them in your everyday life.
  • Share your beliefs, values, and principles with others, as appropriate, as a means of deepening relationships and expanding your world view.

Questions Related to Involvement

  • Have you looked for a group in your community that deepens your spiritual practice and helps you connect with others who share your beliefs?
  • Are you being social with the people in your organization?
  • Do you reach out and help others when they are in need?

Strategies Related to Involvement

  • Learn about different organizations or groups in your community and decide which ones are the best fit for you.
  • Find out about the many groups offered within your organization and get involved.

Questions Related to Time

  • Do you take the time each day to meditate or reflect on your spirituality?
  • Are you open to exploring different belief systems?
  • Are you receptive to your own spirituality even in times of pain and grief? This is when we find how our spirituality can help us most.
  • Do you take the time to appreciate the beauty of nature when possible?

Strategies Related to Time

  • As often as possible, find a peaceful location to reflect and meditate.
  • Learn other religions through books or conversation.

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