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Serve Kids Power Foods

If you want your kids to play hard, power them with the right foods. Ideas for power meals and snacks:

  • Start with a breakfast of whole-grain cereal or whole-grain muffins and fruit. Or begin the day with a yogurt and fruit parfait, with whole grain cereal.
  • Pack a breakfast of a bagel, fruit, string cheese, yogurt, juice box and low-fat milk.
  • Pack a snack bag that includes 1-2 of the following: crackers with cheese, peanut butter and jelly sandwich, sliced  fruits and veggies with peanut butter, Greek yogurt dip, fruit, or trail mix. Use a frozen juice or water bottle to keep perishables cold.
  • Offer plenty of water to keep your child hydrated.

Source: Health Day; Health Tip: Serve Kids Power Foods