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Peach Lesson Plan

Fun Facts About Peaches

  • Genetically, nectarines differ from peaches by a single recessive gene — the one that makes peaches fuzzy.
  • Yellow-fleshed peaches are more popular among Americans and Europeans, while Asians prefer the white-fleshed varieties.
  • Members of the rose family, peaches are related to the almond.
  • The peach is the state flower of Delaware and the state fruit of South Carolina. Georgia is nicknamed The Peach State.
  • In World War I, peach pits were used as filters in gas masks.

What’s Included in the Peach Lesson Plan

  • History
  • Tips & recipes
  • Nutritional information
  • Presenter outline & talking points
  • Sticker template
  • PowerPoint presentation
  • Student handouts

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