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Childcare Providers: Check out this Months Mealtime Memo!

Mealtime Memos offer information for child care providers. Each month new information, tips, and recipes are shared focused on good nutrition for young children. The topics listed below for each monthly newsletters can be found here.

2018 Mealtime Memos

August 2018: Family Meals – Oh Yea!!!
July 2018: Red, White, and Blue: A Celebration
June 2018: Safety In Child Care
May 2018: Nutrition and Learning
April 2018: Keeping Children’s Eyes Healthy
March 2018: Sowing Seed – The Growing Time
February 2018: Screen Media – Its Influence and Recommendations
January 2018: Magnificent Milk – Have Some Please!

2017 Mealtime Memos

December 2017: Picky, Choosy, or Just Normal Eating
November 2017: Food Safety is Important All Year
October 2017: Harvest Season
September 2017: Updated Meal Pattern
August 2017: Physical Activity for Young Children
July 2017: Appropriate Eating for Young Children
June 2017: Nutritious Foods for Infants
May 2017: Preventing Mealtime Mayhem
April 2017: Tips for Serving Meals Family-Style
March 2017: What About Those Fabulous Fruits
February 2017: Veggies, Yum! Providing Opportunities for Children to Like and Try Vegetables
January 2017: CACFP Meal Patterns in the New Year

2016 Mealtime Memos

December 2016: Training, Training, We all Need Training!
November 2016: Outdoor Playtime is the Best Time – Winter Play
October 2016: Got Leafy Greens?
September 2016: Please Help! Help-Desk Team at Your Call
August 2016: Is it Safe to Eat? Food Temperatures for Child Care
July 2016: Got Time? Online Courses for Professional Development
June 2016: For Good Nutrition, Eat Foods in Season!
May 2016: Herbs and Spices
April 2016: Preparing Foods with Limited Time
March 2016: Beverages That Count
February 2016: Cooking With Oils
January 2016: Mealtime Conversations with Preschoolers

2015 Mealtime Memos

December 2015: Gluten: What is It?
November 2015: Servings versus Portions
October 2015: Ways to Cut Food Cost
September 2015: Evaluating Your Wellness Policy
August 2015: Power Outages and Food Safety
July 2015: Organic Fruits and Vegetables – Are They Better?
June 2015: It’s Spice Time: Adding Herbs and Spices During Meal Preparation
May 2015: Sodium: What Is It?
April 2015: It’s About That Time: Enhancing Nutrition Education Programs to Promote Healthy Eating Habits
March 2015: Snack Times are the Best Times: Planning Nutritious and Appealing Snacks for Young Children
February 2015: Menu Planning for Healthy Eating
January 2015: Setting Goals for the New Year

2014 Mealtime Memos

December 2014: Time Saving Tips for the Child Care Kitchen
November 2014: It’s Cleaning Time: Tips for Cleaning in the Child Care Kitchen
October 2014: Conquering Picky Eating with Nutrition Education Activities
September 2014: It’s Time to Grocery Shop: Shopping the Safe Way
August 2014: Understanding the Meat Alternate Component
July 2014: Creating and Maintaining a Safe Mealtime Environment
June 2014: Nutrition Education: Why, When, Where and How
May 2014: Feeding Infants
April 2014: MyPlate Vegetable Subgroups
March 2014: Healthy Meals on a Budget
February 2014: Play Time is the Best Time
January 2014: New Year, New Healthy Food Choices

Source: Mealtime Memo for Child Care is published by the USDA Institute of Child Nutrition.