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Make it a Whole Grain

Make at least half of your grains whole. ALL is best!

Whole grains are healthier than refined grains. They contain the entire seed which includes lots of nutrients like protein, dietary fiber, iron and many B vitamins. The first ingredient should include “whole”, as in “whole wheat flour.” Words like “multi-grain” or “wheat” do not mean it is a whole grain.


These words describe whole grains. That means you get ALL the nutrition:
  • whole grain [name of grain]
  • whole wheat
  • whole [other grain]
  • stoneground whole [grain]
  • brown rice
  • wheat berries
  • oats
  • oatmeal (including old-fashioned oatmeal and instant oatmeal)
These words describe partial grains. That means you might be missing the benefits of whole grains:
  • wheat or wheat flour
  • semolina
  • durum wheat
  • organic flour
  • stoneground
  • multi-grain (may describe several whole grains or several refined grains, or a mix of both)
These words never describe whole grains:
  • enriched flour
  • de-germinated (corn meal)
  • bran
  • wheat germ

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