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June Fruit of the Month: Cantaloupe

The June Fruit of the Month is Cantaloupe!

Juicy and sweet without overwhelming the taste buds, the cantaloupe is the perfect fruit for hot weather. Unlike pineapples and mangos, cantaloupes aren’t acidic, so they’re a gentle (but still tasty) partner to zingier summer fruit favorites.

Cantaloupes do a lot of heavy lifting for your whole body’s health! They are loaded with Vitamin A for healthy body tissues and vision and Vitamin C for healthy immune system. Cantaloupes also contain ample amounts of fiber for healthy digestion and folacin for cell growth.

Cantaloupes grow on a vine. The melon’s flowers grow to eventually become the fruit we eat. They’re at their best in summer and fall, so now is the right time to go on a cantaloupe spree.

While many cantaloupe connoisseurs typically scoop the seeds out before consuming, you can, in fact, eat them raw, roasted or blended in a smoothie!

Did you know?

  • The cantaloupe is also known as the muskmelon. It’s a close relative to the watermelon, honeydew melons, pumpkins, and cucumbers.
  • Cantaloupes are named after Cantalupo, Italy, where they were first cultivated in Europe.
  • Because cantaloupes can only ripen on the stem, make sure you’re choosing the right one at the grocery store or farmer’s market. Ripe cantaloupes are a shade of yellow, gold, or beige. They feel firm, with a sweet and slightly musky scent.
  • You can store whole melons on the counter for up to two days.

Six can’t-miss ways to use cantaloupe 

  1. Salad-tacular! Add cantaloupe to your salad. It’s especially handy as a complement to bolder tastes like olives, onions, or black pepper.
  2. Add some sizzle. Baste cantaloupe wedges with lime juice and honey. Pop them on the grill for about four minutes on each side, then top with just a little salt.
  3. Berry nice. Blend frozen cantaloupe and berries together for a naturally sweet smoothie.
  4. Go Greek. Put together a refreshing snack or side dish using cubed cantaloupe, feta, basil, salt, and pepper mixed with olive oil and balsamic dressing.
  5. Spice is twice as nice. Sprinkle tajin, a spicy and salty seasoning, on cantaloupe slices.
  6. Cool it, man. Freeze melon balls for a quick bite-sized dessert or snack.

And for all the dads (and dad joke aficionados) out there:

“Let’s run away and get married!”
“I’m sorry…but I cantaloupe!”

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