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how to improve environmental wellness

Environmental Wellness

How to improve environmental wellness

Environmental wellness involves being able to be and feel safe. This can include:

  • Accessing clean air, food, and water
  • Preserving the areas where we live, learn, and work
  • Occupying pleasant, stimulating environments that support our well-being
  • Promoting learning, contemplation, and relaxation in natural places and spaces

Following are some questions you can ask yourself and strategies that can help you improve your environmental wellness. As you think about the questions and strategies, make a list of the things you will do and the things you may need to help achieve wellness in this area.

Questions Related to Green Living

  • Are you recycling whenever possible, and buying recycled products?
  • Do you limit the power and water you use at home?
  • Are you taking public transportation?
  • Do you check your car’s emissions every year, even if not required by law?

Strategies Related to Green Living

  • Get recycling bins for your home—they may be free from your town.
  • Look for cleanup volunteer efforts, such as collecting trash from roadways or parks.
  • Explore the “green” aisles at home improvement stores; they often have energy-efficient light bulbs and other products

Questions Related to Change of Scenery

  • Are you spending as much time outdoors as possible?
  • Have you visited a public park to either play a sport like tennis or basketball or just take a walk?

Strategies Related to Change of Scenery

  • Figure out what outdoor activities make you feel good, and then find a few options that make it easy to do that.
  • During work hours, take a break to walk around the block or buy bottled water from a nearby store.

Questions Related to Home & Work Environment

  • Are you going through mail and other paperwork frequently to get rid of clutter?
  • Do you organize your work space from time to time and add things that make you happy?
  • Is your living space filled with styles and textures you enjoy?

Strategies Related to Home & Work Environment

  • Make a schedule to clean up your home or living space. It could be by room or activity (bathrooms on Sunday, dusting and sweeping every Wednesday, etc.).
  • Look in magazines or online and find styles you like best so that you’re comfortable in your living space

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