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Dried Fruit Lesson Plan

Fun Facts

  • 95% of the 30 million pounds of dates grown in the United States come from the Coachella and Salt River Valleys in Southern California.
  • California’s San Joaquin Valley grows 20 percent of the world’s figs and 99% of the nation’s crop.
  • California is the world’s leader of dried plums, producing about 65% of the world’s supply and almost 99% of the nation’s supply.
  • Since 2001, California’s dried plum crop has had an average annual value of about $130 million.
  • In the United States, raisins are produced almost exclusively in California’s Central Valley (mostly in Fresno County) and represent nearly half of the world’s supply.
  • 90% of raisin production comes from the Thompson seedless grape variety.

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