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Breastfeeding Mom at work

Creating Workplace Lactation Spaces

When businesses provide breastfeeding and lactation-friendly environments, you are proving your commitment to mothers, children, and families—everybody wins! Below you’ll find best practices for communicating to staff about policy best practices and how to create optimal workplace lactation spaces.

Communication and Policy Best Practices

View this video for easy-to-follow communication and policy best practices. Learn what type of communication and information can be used in your lactation spaces and department staff high-traffic areas in order to provide public, safe, lactation environments.

Mobile Lactation Space Best Practices

Nontraditional, mobile, or transportable lactation spaces can be challenging for businesses and organizations. Learn when mobile lactation spaces are needed and what essential elements and supplies to have on-hand to ensure a successful and comfortable environment. Plus see examples of mobile lactation spaces in South Dakota businesses.

Permanent Lactation Space Best Practices

Is your business or organization looking for breastfeeding and lactation space ideas, procedures, and policies? Learn about the essential elements and supplies needed to make a successful and comfortable permanent lactation space. Bonus: see examples of permanent lactation spaces in South Dakota businesses.