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Make Snacking Easier

The Munch Code is a color coded labeling program designed to make it easier for everybody to choose healthier snacks.

GREEN foods and beverages are the healthiest options. You can eat a bunch!

YELLOW foods and beverages have added sugar, fat, and calories. Be cautious and have just a little!

RED foods and beverages are the highest in sugar, fat, and calories and the least healthy. Eat these occasionally but remember – not so much!

There are 2 types of snacking environments where the Munch Code color system can be used:

For parents, coaches, teachers or community members looking for ways to make school, club, or church concession stands healthier.

The Munch Code Concessions Model Policy outlines a number of resources and includes strategies to encourage community support.

There’s even a concessions kit to inspire and help get you started!

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For employers, human resource or facility managers wanting to make vending and snack bar offerings healthier.

The Vending and Snack Bar Munch Code has been specifically developed for adult use in workplace environments where snacking options are primarily vending machines or snack bars such as: offices, large facilities, airports, hotel/motel rooms, convenience stores, gas stations, bus depots, etc.

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About the Concessions Munch Code

The Concessions Munch Code has 3 color categories. We recommend that most (60-100%) of your concessions items come from the GREEN group, some (30% or less) from the YELLOW group, and very few (10% or less) from the RED group.

GREEN foods/beverages are the healthiest options and can be enjoyed often; YELLOW foods/beverages have added sugar, fat, and calories and should be eaten occasionally; and RED foods/beverages are the highest in sugar, fat, and calories and the least healthy, and should be eaten sparingly.

The use of the color coded identification also allows for creative marketing strategies to enhance your sales of these items. Youth, along with their parents, can learn to identify the GREEN foods and beverages as the healthiest, and to steer clear of the RED items. Free marketing materials were developed around this color coded approach to support this policy. The Munch Code Concessions Kit is available at no cost and includes suggestions for how to display the materials.

By implementing this model policy in its entirety or choosing to tailor this policy to your needs, you and your organization are taking a great first step in creating a healthy nutrition environment for your venue.