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Apples Lesson Plan

Fun Facts About Apples

  • Apples have existed for the length of recorded history and are believed to have originated in the Caucasus, a mountainous area between what are now the Black and Caspian Seas.
  • Through the rise of Greece, the fall of Persia and migrations to Rome and Europe, apples were cultivated and – through a process called grafting, which produces new varieties – disseminated throughout various cultures.
  • Apples experienced surges of popularity and, at one point, some varieties were nearly lost, but were saved due to traditional orcharding by the English church.
  • Apple growing arose again in the 15th century Renaissance Italy. Eventually, France and England followed suit, and the fruit remained popular in Europe well into the 1800s, when European settlers brought apples with them to the Americas to share the cultivation and traditions.

What’s Included in the Apple Lesson Plan

  • History
  • Tips & recipes
  • Nutritional information
  • Presenter outline & talking points
  • Sticker template
  • PowerPoint presentation
  • Student handouts

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