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Walk. Run. Dance. Play. Move your way
Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans, 2nd Edition
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5 steps to Loving Exercise
5 Steps to Loving Exercise
Call to Action: Park Rx Program
Call to Action: Park Rx
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Make fruit & veggies FUN
Harvest of the Month
Featured Fruit or Veggie of the Month
November Fruit of the Month: Chokecherry
Get Moving Today! Activity Calendar
Get Moving Today! Activity Calendar
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Time to move it, feed it, and fix it!
Healthy eating and physical activity are more important than ever. Visit us often for inspiration and tips on how to live better and grow stronger.

HealthySD News
November Fruit of the Month: Chokecherry

Check out chokecherries – the antioxidant rich fruit that packs a punch and compliments any meal!

October Fruit of the Month: Squash

You can’t beat squash—a tasty, versatile choice for the fall dinner table that’s packed with fiber, vitamins, and nutrients.

Call to Action: Park Rx

South Dakota’s medical professionals are invited to participate in the FREE Park Rx program and prescribe exercise for their patients.

September Fruit of the Month: Apple

Apples are a sure sign that fall is coming. Easy to prepare and even easier to enjoy, they’re smart solutions for a sugar craving. Their sweetness comes from naturally occurring sugar, so you can satisfy your sweet tooth without reaching for something processed or artificial.