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Time to move it, feed it, and fix it!
Healthy eating and physical activity are more important than ever. Visit us often for inspiration and tips on how to live better and grow stronger.

HealthySD News
Planning your Thanksgiving Feast!

There are many things to think about when planning your Thanksgiving meal: finding healthy recipes, food safety, dealing with picky eaters, portion control, and what to do with all those leftovers! Fortunately, this article will help you create a healthy, balanced, and safe Thanksgiving meal the whole family will enjoy!

November Fruit of the Month: Squash

The November Fruit of the Month is Squash! Did you know… Even though squash is technically classified as fruit, for cooking purposes squash it treated like a vegetable. Archaeological evidence gathered from Canada to South America shows …

Fit & Strong!

Exercise is proven to help manage arthritis symptoms. It’s shown to increase strength and flexibility, reduce joint pain, and help combat fatigue. In fact, lack of exercise can actually make joints even more painful and …

Walk With Ease

Walk With Ease is a six-week walking program that teaches safe ways to incorporate physical activity into daily life. This program is doctor recommended, and developed and certified by the