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Time to move it, feed it, and fix it!
Healthy eating and physical activity are more important than ever. Visit us often for inspiration and tips on how to live better and grow stronger.

HealthySD News
Pheasant Season Preparation

Fall has arrived. As the days get shorter and cooler, and the grass continues to dry out, one thing is on the mind of many South Dakotans and visitors from other states: ROOSTER! Hunting provides physical activity, emotional and social benefits and a nutritious, low-fat protein.

October Fruit of the Month: Grapes

The news is out—grapes are good for you! Grapes are one of the oldest cultivated plants, and have been used for food and wine for centuries. Scientists have found grape vine fossils in the Mediterranean and Asia that are over 60 million years …

Grant Now Available for SD Healthcare Facilities!

The South Dakota Department of Health – Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention Program is accepting applications from healthcare facilities to implement or improve upon a self-measured blood pressure monitoring program.

September Fruit of the Month: Tomatillos

Don’t let their appearance fool you—this green fruit isn’t an unripe red tomato. Tomatillos—also known as husk or Mexican green tomatoes—are a variety all their own with a zesty fresh taste known to add flavor to some of the most popular Mexican dishes.