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Healthcare Providers: Prescribe a Day in the Park!

There are so many health benefits associated with physical activity – but getting your patients motivated can be challenging. That’s why the SD Department of Health and Department of Game, Fish and Parks are teaming up to encourage healthcare professionals to prescribe physical activity through the Park Rx program.

South Dakota is one of the first states in the nation to participate and you can be one of the first to prescribe physical activity to your patients with a FREE 1-Day pass to any state park! Here’s how it works:

  1. You request a Park Prescription Pad (fill out the form below)
  2. You prescribe physical activity for your patients
  3. Your patients take their Rx to any state park and enjoy a FREE day in the park or they turn in their prescription for a discounted annual pass and enjoy an entire season in the park (win-win-win!)

You can also encourage physical activity by participating in National Park Rx Day by registering your event.

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The South Dakota Park Prescription Project aligns with the vision of the Exercise Is Medicine initiative. The goal is to make physical activity and exercise a standard part of global disease prevention and treatment. Our goal is to increase assessment and prescription of physical activity. Park RX is a great way for you to encourage physical activity for your patients.

Park RX is sweeping the nation! As seen on National Geographic and Scientific American!

For a complete listing of South Dakota State Parks and to find the ones closest to you visit South Dakota Game, Fish & Parks.

For more information about exercise assessment and prescription, please visit provides information about the national park prescription program as well as the incredible physical, mental, and social benefits of exercise in nature.

To find out how to measure the level of physical activity that’s right for you, talk to your doctor and visit