Park Rx: A Prescription for a Day in the Park!

You already know the health benefits associated with physical activity, but getting motivated can sometimes be challenging. That’s why the SD Department of Health, the Department of Game, Fish and Parks and healthcare professionals are teaming up to provide South Dakotans with a prescription for physical activity in any SD State Park.

Healthcare providers can now prescribe a free 1-day pass to any state park. This 1-day pass can also be turned in for a discounted annual pass.

Park Prescription Physical Activity InfographicThis exciting new project is a great way to motivate anyone looking for another reason to get out and be more active!

The South Dakota Park Prescription Project aligns with the vision of the Exercise Is Medicine initiative. The goal is to make physical activity and exercise a standard part of global disease prevention and treatment. Park Rx is a great way to encourage physical activity for you and your family and friends.


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Exercise Is Medicine for Everyone

Physical Activity Guidelines for Adults infographicWe’ve all heard that physical activity is good for us, but did you know that regular physical activity can improve muscular fitness, aid in prevention of falls, assist with weight management and improve cognitive function in older adults?

And, research has shown physical activity can effectively prevent certain chronic diseases and help treat or monitor others. It’s true! Here’s an example – if a person has been diagnosed with cardiovascular disease, physical activity can be used to help manage it. If it runs in your family – regular physical activity can prevent it entirely! How cool is that!

If you or someone you love needs a little motivation, talk to your healthcare provider about a prescription for physical activity!


Exercise is Medicine for Kids Too

Childrens Physical Activity Guidelines infographicThe number of health benefits associated with regular physical activity is practically endless, and yet many children and adolescents don’t get the recommended 60 minutes or more each day. The CDC and several partner organizations have developed the Youth Physical Activity Guidelines Toolkit, which offers strategies that schools, families, and communities can use to support youth physical activity.

If you’re ready to promote kids and physical activity – get the toolkit at 

For a complete listing of South Dakota State Parks and to find the ones closest to you visit South Dakota Game, Fish & Parks.

For more information about exercise assessment and prescription, please visit provides information about the national park prescription program as well as the incredible physical, mental, and social benefits of exercise in nature.

To find out how to measure the level of physical activity that’s right for you, talk to your doctor and visit


Park RX is sweeping the nation! As seen on National Geographic and Scientific American!