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Healthy eating and physical activity are more important than ever. Visit us often for inspiration and tips on how to live better and grow stronger.

HealthySD News
Exercise When You Have A Cold

It’s that time of year again, sore throats and the sniffles seem to be abundant and hard to avoid. With a change in your normal health status, you may question how being sick influences your physical activity routine. Prevention is key and a great way to decrease the risk of getting sick is …

Grants Available for SD Worksites!

The Department of Health is pleased to announce 2 grant opportunities for South Dakota worksites!

Raising Healthy Eaters in the New Year

Ring in a healthy 2017 by teaching kids the importance of food, nutrition and eating skills: food to fuel busy, successful lives; nutrition to nourish strong bodies and smart brains; and eating skills to enjoy the social aspect of meals with family and friends. As with any part of raising …

Are Supplements Safe?

Dietary supplements can be beneficial to your health — but taking supplements can also involve health risks. While some dietary supplements are well understood and established, others need further study. Before making decisions about whether to take a supplement, talk to your healthcare …