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Time to move it, feed it, and fix it!
Healthy eating and physical activity are more important than ever. Visit us often for inspiration and tips on how to live better and grow stronger.

HealthySD News
Healthy Eating: 101

With all of the fad diets like gluten-free, ketogenic, paleo, raw foods, etc., it is hard to know what is actually considered healthy. Here are some guidelines to follow that will never go out of style.

Spooktacular Menu & Healthy Halloween Tips

Kids can absolutely enjoy treats this Halloween! But it is important to find a balance. Here are some easy-to-make Halloween snacks and tips for how to incorporate some nutrition into your Halloween.

October Fruit of the Month: Apples

Apples are considered a great snack food as an average sized apple contains about 90 calories and is about 85% water. That makes them thirst quenching and a quick energy provider with their natural sugars.

Brookings Health System - Physical Activity Encouragement, Equipment, and Easy Access

Brookings Health System (BHS) serves the needs of Brookings, SD and surrounding SD communities. Brookings Health …