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Munch Code! App

A Free App Designed for iPhone & iPad.

The Munch Code! Game is a fun way for kids, parents, and teachers to practice healthier between meal snacking. Based on a simple color code, similar to traffic lights, the player discovers which foods and drinks are “green” (eat a bunch) which ones are “yellow” (have just a little) and which are “red” (not so much).

The app comes in handy wherever and whenever people are making decisions about what to eat and drink “on the fly,” — especially grabbing snacks at concessions and convenience stores.

There are three levels to the game. The first is an array of food choices spread out in the foreground in front of a concession. The player’s job is to sort all the items onto the right colored shelves. It’s not as easy as it looks! But with a few prompts from the sound track and some outright graphic hints if needed, the player learns all the Much Code basics that will help them navigate the next two levels with relative ease.

The second level lets the player apply the basic principles learned in the first level by presenting a days worth of snacks laid out in a basket. The selection initially presented has some problems. There are too many selections from some Munch Code color groups, and not enough from some others. The player’s challenge is to balance the items in the basket so that the day’s array of snack items follows the Munch Code guidelines.

The final level of the game is a straightforward sort of a single day’s snack items into the proper colored food groups. This exercise reinforces the suggested proportions for the player and reveals the simple “math formula” behind it all.

The game is primarily intended for use by parents and teachers as an aid to teaching young children the recommended way to think about eating a healthy balanced diet on those busy days when the child has to make many, if not most of the food choices themselves.

Now you may think that just because you’re a parent or a teacher, you already know all the information the Munch Code game has to offer. Well… you might be in for a few surprises! Most of the adults we know still get a few things mixed up every time they play. So, come on, check it out! It’s easy. It’s fun. It’s funny. And the way!

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