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Munch Code Vending materials

Make Better Choices at the Vending Machine: Learn the Munch Code!

With so many food options available to people on the go, it’s hard to know what a good choice is, especially when it comes to vending machines, snack bars and concession stands.

The Munch Code is a color coded labeling program reminding us that snacks in the GREEN category are the healthiest and we can “Eat a bunch!” YELLOW foods may have added sugar, fat or calories and we should be careful to have “Just a little!” Foods falling into the RED category are on the “Not so much!” list and should be avoided.

The Vending Munch Code (South Dakota Healthier Vending and Snack Bar Toolkit) was developed to help make it easier to choose the right snacks.

Our hope is, that over time, this simple color code will make it easier for anyone who snacks between meals to make healthier choices that can ultimately impact their health. When we snack healthier, we eat healthier!

Visit the Munch Code Vending section on Healthy SD for more information!