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Implementing and Expanding Self-Measured Blood Pressure Monitoring in South Dakota



Facilities could utilize American Medical Association and Johns Hopkins Blood Pressure Control Program, Healthy Heart Ambassador Blood Pressure Self-Monitoring*, Check. Change. ControlMillion Hearts SMBPTarget: BP or similar program guidance to implement SMBP within their practice, add additional patients to current program, or expand to additional providers or sites.+

*Healthy Heart Ambassador Program is for non-clinical locations only.

Grant Award

$20,000 per location with up to $2,500 available for purchase of blood pressure cuffs. A minimum of three facilities will be awarded funding.

Important Dates

Application Released: October 21, 2021
Application Due Date: October 05, 2022

Grant Application Information

View full instructions and grant application.

All awarded initiatives would be developed and implemented with assistance from the 1815 team. 1815 team consists of experts from South Dakota Foundation for Medical Care (SDFMC) and SD Department of Health who have knowledge and experience related to 1) data, workflow, process analysis, 2) strategic plan development and implementation, 3) PDSA (Plan, Do, Study, Act) cycles, and 4) policy and protocol development. Additional partners may be utilized as needed. All team members are available to awarded facilities as a resource for accepted activities at no cost to the awarded.

Applications are due via electronic submission to

Primary Contact: Rachel Sehr, Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention Coordinator, South Dakota Department of Health 606-367-5356
Primary Contact Email and phone: | 606-367-5356