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Parents set the stage for healthy lifestyles. Making sure kids get 5 servings of fruit and vegetables and enough physical activity are the keys to creating healthy environments that will follow them wherever they go. And, kids can motivate parents to make healthy choices too. Inspiration often comes in small packages and when we work together there’s no telling how healthy we can be!

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veggie of the month - broccoli
let's ride!
Veggie of the Month: Spinach
Harvest of the Month: Celery
Fruit of the Month Chokecherrys
veggie of the month - tomatoes
veggie of the month - rhubarb
March Veggie of the Month: Brussels Sprouts
veggie of the month - spinach
ginger bread house made of vegetables and fruit
Move Your Way Physical Activity for Families
Image of various winter activities; sledding, skiing, walking, hockey, ice skating, and yoga!
girl with headphones drinking from bottle of water
strawberries fruit of the month
girl with kiwi eyes
lookin good
boy eating an apple with a cape on
mother holding nursing baby
coconut and coconut oil
good food choices in paper grocery bag
young mother with baby
kids with backpacks raising their hands
turkey and vegetable dinner
kids with backpacks raising their hands
family playing basketball
salt spelled out with salt
energy drink can with coffee on top
Mature woman with smart phone
mom and daughter eating junk food and watching tv
peanut butter and jelly sandwich
Healthy South Dakota Concession Model Policy book
two girls using a smartphone and a tablet
BMI logo
boy scratching his head looking at plate of veggies and huge sandwich
mother and daughters baking
woman working on laptop
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