Break Up Your Day and Move!

Break Up Your Day and Move is a 6-week incentive program designed to get SDSU College of Education & Human Sciences faculty and staff to break up the amount of time they sit during the work day in spring 2017. Independent of the amount of activity you participate in, the amount of time you sit each day has been shown to increase your risk of chronic disease. Taking part in light-intensity activity to break up sedentary time, such as standing, stretching or walking, can have a positive impact on one’s health. Research recommends taking two to three 15-minute activity breaks during your working day.

The goal of Break Up Your Day and Move is to break up the workday with bouts of standing or light activity. Participants will record each time throughout the workday they get up from their desk and stand or engage in light movement for at least 15 minutes. The focus of this program is not logging how many minutes of activity you accumulate, but rather, logging the number of times you break up long periods of sitting.

Participants who submit a complete weekly log (documenting at least one time each workday where they broke up their sitting time with a minimum of 15 minutes of standing or light activity) will earn an incentive for their participation. In addition, for each weekly log participants submit, their name will be entered into a drawing for a FitBit physical activity tracker.

For those wanting to walk outside, a 1-mile and 2-mile route through the SDSU campus and the surrounding Brookings community is available. For those wanting to walk indoors, walking routes have been calculated in the buildings where EHS offices are located (Rotunda/Wagner Hall, The Barn, Pugsley, Wecota and Wenona).