SD School Garden Grant Opportunity – Now Open!

2018-2019 South Dakota School Garden Sub-Grant Award

Applications accepted now until all available funds are committed.
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The purpose of the School Garden Grant is to actively engage South Dakota schools in developing a garden and implementing nutrition education components to show children how food is being produced (grown in the garden), how that connects with the food items served in the school cafeteria, and encouraging them to increase their consumption of fruits and vegetables. A team approach including the school, parents, and community is recommended. The sub-grant can be used in schools, after- school programs, and summer programs that qualify as Team Nutrition entities. Entities can apply for up to $1,000 each school year. It is acceptable to request smaller amounts.

Nutrition education must be provided throughout the school year. Grant recipients must evaluate their programs with pre- and post-surveys to see that children are increasing their knowledge and willingness to eat fruits and vegetables. The grant will provide curriculum resources for both the garden and nutrition education lessons. A clear link between how the garden and nutrition education activities must be included.

Sub-grant recipients will be reimbursed for budget-related expenses including garden expenses, food sampling expenses, small equipment, copying, and staff hours for preparation beyond normal work schedules (up to 25% of the total funding requested). New awardees must participate in mandatory training on best practices for implementing lessons and evaluations that occurs on site or online.

Sub-Grant Requirements:

  • Use a team approach with school staff, parents, and community members involved.
  • Activities must provide at least 6 nutrition education lessons to children that incorporate how food is grown and/or the school garden. The nutrition education materials must be approved by the grantee, and could include:
  • Awardees will be provided a brief training on best practices for implementing lessons & evaluations.
  • A pre-survey and post-survey of participating youth and a week of menu production records (pre- and post) must be completed and submitted prior to reimbursement of sub-grant funding.
  • Agencies must fund activities and then submit itemized receipts for reimbursement.
  • Agencies must enroll or be enrolled in USDA Team Nutrition.
  • At least 5 digital photos (jpegs) with media release forms signed by parents.

Time frame:

  • Applications will be accepted beginning May 16, 2018 and continue until all funds have been committed.
  • Grants will be implemented between June 1, 2018 and August 30, 2019.
  • The final reimbursement request, online implementer exit report, and youth post-surveys are due by September 15, 2019.

Expenses & Supplies that may be included in the budget:

  • Reasonable amount of garden supplies (e.g. seeds/seedlings, grow lights, potting soil, and starter pots) for classroom gardening projects. Applicants who show a strong indication of sustainability beyond the grant period may use funds for moderately sized, in-ground gardens, including structural supplies for building the garden. Proposals that describe activities that will not be sustained beyond the grant period may only be funded for smaller, classroom-sized, container gardens.
  • Fruits and vegetables for preparing and sampling in the classroom or cafeteria.
  • Nutrition education materials related to fruits and vegetables such as food models, fruit and vegetable balloons, games, children’s books, music, and fruit and vegetable bean bags.
  • Disposable serving supplies and paper products.
  • Printing or copying of nutrition education materials from Team Nutrition resources.
  • Postage costs associated with mailed documents and materials.
  • Staff time for hourly workers involved in preparing or delivering lessons beyond the normal workday. Limited to 25% of the sub-grant. Provide salary, position, and anticipated hours.
  • Other supplies may be allowed on a case by case basis but must be approved prior to spending any funds.

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Sub-grant funds are being provided by the South Dakota Department of Education—Child & Adult Nutrition Services and South Dakota State University which are Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employers and offer all benefits, services, education, and employment opportunities without regard for ancestry, age, race, citizenship, color, creed, religion, gender, disability, national origin, sexual preference, or Vietnam Era veteran status.