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March Fruit of the Month: Plums

Live Well Sioux Falls and the Sioux Falls Food Council is proud to present the Eat Well, Live Well campaign! Each month this campaign will highlight a new fruit and vegetable.

The March Fruit of the Month is Plums!

One medium-sized plum provides a good source of vitamin C. Vitamin C helps your body heal cuts and wounds and it also helps absorb more iron found in food. Plums also provide Vitamin A and fiber.

When buying plums, choose plump plums with smooth skins and avoid bruises and soft spots. Store unripe plums in a paper bag until ripe and then refrigerate. Check out these videos to learn more about selection, storage, and preparation.

Fun Facts:

  • A “plumcot” is 50% plum and 50% apricot.
  • An “aprium” is 75% apricot and 25% plum.
  • A “pluot” is 75% plum and 25% apricot.
  • Wild plum trees are symbolic of independence.
  • Luther Burbank brought twelve plum seeds back from Japan, now almost all plums grown in the United States are related to those seeds.

Top 10 Ways To Enjoy Plums:

  1. Plum Dippers. Choose the largest plums you can find and cut into thin slices. Dip in low-fat vanilla or honey yogurt for an easy finger food that your kids will love!
  2. Violet Smoothie. Freeze pitted plums and toss them into a blender along with other frozen fruits. Add 100% fruit juice and blend away for a tangy frozen treat.
  3. Plums & Couscous. Combine whole wheat couscous, apples, lemon juice, and dried plums to create an aromatic salad that can be served as a light main course for lunch or as a side dish with grilled steak or salmon.
  4. Trail Mix. Cut dried plums into the size of raisins and create a trail mix with almonds, whole grain cereal, granola, and other dried fruits.
  5. Main Course. Stir-fry meals pack all ingredients into one delicious main course. Combine a lean protein, walnuts, brown rice, celery, peppers, and other favorite fruits and vegetables, then mix in ginger and low-sodium soy sauce … and enjoy!
  6. By the Bite. Enjoy plums as nature intended, right off the tree!
  7. Plum Kabob. Ever tasted a warm plum? Layer plums with bell peppers, red onions, corn, and boneless chicken, then lightly coat with low-sodium soy sauce and heat on the grill or oven until chicken is cooked.
  8. Purple Salad. Plums brighten up any salad! Combine strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, oranges, plums, honey, and mint to make an appetizing salad for desert or a snack! Find the recipe here!
  9. Drizzle ’em. For a late night treat or early morning delight, drizzle puréed plum sauce made with a small amount of 100% juice and vanilla extract over hot oatmeal, waffles, pancakes, or low-fat frozen yogurt or ice cream.
  10. Plum Chutney. Chutney is great on whole wheat crackers, freshly baked bread, or with vegetables. Pack it for a picnic or serve it as an appetizer.

Learn more about plums with this Pick It! Try It! Like It! fact sheet.

Don’t stop there! Find ways to promote plums at your work, school, childcare and in your community!

Source: South Dakota Harvest of the Month & Fruit & Veggies More Matters