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Family Food Cent$ Newsletters

The Family Food Cent$ Newsletter is published by the Expanded Food & Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP) and Family Nutrition Program (FNP). Click on an issue below for information, tips, and recipes.

2018 Family Food Cent$ Newsletters

April 2018: Choosing Healthy Over Convenience
March 2018:  A Clean Kitchen is a Safe Kitchen
February 2018: Indoor Activities for the Family
January 2018: Saving Money Begins at Home

2017 Family Food Cent$ Newsletters

December 2017: What is Cross Contamination?
November 2017: Shop Smarter: Save Time and Money
October 2017: Simple Changes to Make Healthier Meals
September 2017: Healthy and Quick Meals
August 2017: Slow Cookers: Put Them to Work While You’re Away
July 2017: Make Meals at Home
June 2017: Food Pantries & Choosing Healthy Foods
May 2017: No Fridge, No Stove? You Can Still Eat Healthy
April 2017: Read the Label for Health
March 2017: Keep Food Safe in a Power Outage
February 2017: Healthy Family Fun
January 2017: Healthy One-Dish Meals

2016 Family Food Cent$ Newsletters

December 2016: Ingredient Food Safety Tips
November 2016: Get the Facts on Fats
October 2016: Save Money-Dry Your Foods
September 2016: Four Steps to Food Safety
August 2016: Snacking is Healthy
July 2016: Checking Unit Prices Can Save Money
June 2016: Keep Your Food Safe
May 2016: Tips for Adding Fitness into Your Day
April 2016: Stretch Food Dollars with a Garden
March 2016: Freeze Food Safely
February 2016: Think About Your Drinks
January 2016: Enjoy a Variety of Fruits and Vegetables

2015 Family Food Cent$ Newsletters

December 2015: Food Safety Starts at the Store
November 2015: Put the Slow Cooker to Work for You
October 2015: Following Serving Sizes Can Save Money
September 2015: Food Safety Starts With You
August 2015: Start the Day with Breakfast
July 2015: Menu Planning Can Save You Money
June 2015: Food Safety Advice
May 2015: No Time to Cook? Then Microwave!
April 2015: Master Mixes Save Time & Money
March 2015: Keep Food Safe – Use a Thermometer
February 2015: Fruits and Vegetables Your Way
January 2015: Ideas to Avoid Food Waste